Queenstown Snowfest: The poker Olympics

An Olympic-sized welcome to everyone at home following our live coverage of the Queenstown Snowfest Main Event. So perhaps we're not the biggest sporting event in the world at the moment, but hey, we're happy to take silver this time.

With the London Olympics kicking off today, it got us thinking...what it would be like if poker was an Olympic event?


Each country would be limited to three entries for starters. That wouldn't please a lot of the 21 Aussies who are still in contention here, that's for sure. But that would be countered by the best poker players from Zambia, Kazakhstan and Liechtenstein making a rare appearance on the APPT.

The Player's Welcome Party would be replaced by an Opening Ceremony with each country donning their country's traditional hoodie and headphones, with a representative chosen to carry their nation's cocktail of choice into the venue. The lighting of the Olympic flame would be replaced by the ceremonial Burning of the Bankroll, as head honcho Danny McDonagh would officially declare the games open, before taking the athletes to every bar in the host city.

The next day the players would take their seats dressed in fluorescent spandex, (which would not be a pretty sight) in the colours of their country, with giant numbers slapped across their backs, making our job a heck of a lot easier...especially when we have to start blogging the names of the Zambians.

The tournament would be played out as normal, with the winner receiving no prize money - after all, competing at the Olympics is all about the pride of representing your country on the biggest stage in the world. Money means nothing when you're a poker athlete in your prime.

The winners would step up onto the dais, be handed a PokerStars player bag and a refreshing beer, before Doyle Brunson would hand out the gold, silver and bronze card protectors to our top three place finishers. Poker caps would be removed as the rock anthem of the winner's country is played.

Controversy would emerge as several athletes fail a random drug test, but later they are reinstated after it was determined that alcohol poisoning was not performance enhancing.

It would then be time for the Closing Ceremony where an open bar would see all the athletes come together and celebrate world peace, overlays and WCOOP schedules. Danny McDonagh would take the microphone to declare this the greatest games of all time, and mispronounce the name of the city for the next games in four weeks time.

Poker is a game for people, played by millions all around the world of any race, age or background. So perhaps the idea of a poker Olympics is not that far-fetched after all!


Cartoon credit: www.pokerdoodle.com

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