APPT9 Aussie Millions Day 1b: Casey's corks and Preston's pants

Day 1b of the Aussie Millions Main Event has just ticked into the fourth level of the day with a field of around 170 entrants mixing it up on the felt of the Crown Poker Room. It's another strong number as the 2015 Main Event is well on track to at least match last year's numbers.

Given it is Australia Day, we thought it might be a good idea to wander the room to find a little Australiana.

We were thinking perhaps the most Australian thing in the room might be Leo Boxell's wombat or perhaps Billy Arygros' crocodile but alas, they weren't to be found. Perhaps we need more local players to adopt intimidating Australian nicknames like "The Kangaroo" or "The Koala".

As further evidence to our previous post about the relaxed approach of the locals to Australia Day, we were a little sad to discover that the most Australian thing in the poker room that we could spot was actually Slovenian Casey Kastle.


The international man of mystery, with more cashes in unique countries than any other poker player in the world, Kastle is seated in the Day 1b field wearing his favourite Australian floppy hat adorned with corks on strings to keep those pesky Australian casino flies from getting in the way when he squeezes his cards. Kastle is also carrying three Australian flags in his trusty back pack to show his support for our national holiday.

But just as we thought no one could out-Australia the Slovenian, in walked Director of Poker Jim Preston to save the day.

Fresh from the golf course, Preston strolled in wearing the finest Australian golfing pants you'll ever see. All he would need is Richard Yong's jacket and his outfit would be complete for a big night on the town.


The 140 remaining Main Event players are about to head off for their dinner break, and funnily enough, it probably won't involve a whole lot of shrimp on the barbie!

Our Day 1b chip leader entering the break looks like it will be Mustapha Kanit. The Italian Stallion won not one, but two Aussie Millions gold rings last year, so that makes him an honorary Aussie in our books.

Heath "TassieDevil" Chick is a Freelance Contributor for the PokerStars Blog.