Baltic Festival: A whole post of tournament housekeeping

Breaking news

The full details of the prizes available this week in Tallinn have just been released. From the starting field of 307, 32 players will be paid. The top nine will get the following:

1 - €76,750 (1,197,300 EEK)
2 - €48,505 (756,693 EEK)
3 - €30 085 (469,341 EEK)
4 - €17,805 (277,773 EEK)
5 - €14,121 (220,303 EEK)
6 - €11,665 (181,989 EEK)  
7 - €9,823 (153,254 EEK)
8 - €8,288 (129,308 EEK)
9 - €6,753 (105 362 EEK)


Big stacks

With so many stars on display in Tallinn, and with the tournament still in the early stages, it's difficult to focus on the big stacks alone. In truth it's not all that important either: having chips now is no guarantee that you'll have chips in the later stages, when it will mean a whole lot more.

Still, the likes of Johnny Lodden and Morten Ramm are making our jobs easier. The two of them are among the stars in our sights -- Team PokerStars Pro and top Norwegian comedian, respectively -- and they are probably neck-and-neck at the top of the pile at the moment. Each of them has at least 32,000 in front of them, and I don't think anyone has more.


Morten Ramm

Those two players began on the table of most interest when day 1b got under way today. They've split up now, but take a look back at how diverse and fascinating that table was for the early exchanges.

Watch PokerStars Baltic Festival: Table of Doom on Day 1B on

Close behind is the Finnish player Jari Mahonen, who went deep in Warsaw last week, and he has another sizeable stack of about 30,000 at this stage.


Jari Mahonen

The second tier of dinner munchers are returning to the tournament room and we'll now whistle through another four levels until we're done for the night.

Bad days:
Missing presumed out: Peter Eichhardt and Patric Martenssen
Missing definitely out: Ola Brandborn (aces into 6-9, flopped straight for foe); Tony G (first level, flopped set of aces into straight).

Country breakdown

That's not the cue for a moment of honkey-tonk guitar picking. It's the breakdown of nationalities represented at the Baltic Poker Festival Main Event, where Finland have edged out Estonia as the most populous nation in the Swissotel this week.

Finland - 52
Estonia - 49
Norway - 36
Sweden - 32
Lithuania - 24
Latvia - 23
Denmark - 22
Russia - 15
UK - 11
Germany - 8
Netherlands - 7
Poland - 6
USA - 7
Iceland - 5
Australia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Canada, France, Greece, Israel, Mexico and Romania - 1 each

Howard Swains
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