Baltic Festival: Assessing the field

Baltic-blog.pngAfter plates/glasses full of mid-afternoon sustenance, players have returned to the fray. Registrations are now closed, so we have our final total for day 1a: 130. With at least another 150 pre-registered for tomorrow, there seems to be a good chance we'll hit the magic 300. That's a remarkable number for the first stop in a new tour, and will also take us close to the biggest event ever held in the Baltics.


Tournament room on day 1a

A quick glance down the recently-released full player list shows that by far the most represented country are our hosts. There were 21 Estonians in the starting line-up, ahead of 18 Norwegians, 13 Danes and 13 Finns. There are also nine Swedes, and handful of Icelandics and Latvia and Lithuania also well represented. This is no place to be if you don't like spittle. It's a player list featuring more vowels and glottal stops than perhaps any other in poker.

Anyway, play is back under way now, so let's return to the action. We have another five one-hour levels to trim the field further. At a rough guess, I think we'll end with about 60. Let's see if I'm right.*

*I'm usually not.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in Baltic Poker Festival