Baltic Festival: "At least" a very long day two

Baltic-blog.pngAs poker tournament reporters across the world, we grow fearful of some of the most innocuous words. This morning, for instance, our tournament director Teresa Nousiainen told dealers and players that we were to play "at least eight levels" and those two words "at least" sent shivers down the spines of the small media posse here in Tallinn.

We should have seen it coming. From the starting field of 307 players, 121 made it through their day one. By tomorrow night we are going to have to have lost 120 of them, so we've got a lot of hacking and slaying to do.


Tournament director Teresa Nousiainen

We're going to need every moment of that "at least" eight levels, and probably "at least" another eight levels tomorrow. It's going to be engaging stuff as the most populous tournament ever hosted in the Baltics reaches its business end. But it's also going to be a feat of endurance all round.

The money bubble will burst when we hit 32, and you can see the full prize structure on the payout structure page. You should also spend one click on the chip count page, where you'll see the way the field shapes up.

Top of the tree is the day 1a leader, Bo Erichsen, who knocked out Shaun Deeb with the most recent hand he played. Then there's the Estonian duo of Ermo Kosk and Aleksandr Lozkin. Lurking behind them are the Team PokerStars Pros JC Alvarado (58,000), Peter Eastgate (36,700) and Katja Thater (26,600), all of whom have the pedigree to go creeping up that leaderboard.

We'll be going level-by-level on our coverage today: more hands, less chatter. That's surely for the best.

Stay tuned. It's going to be a long one.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in Baltic Poker Festival