Baltic Festival: Day three, level 16&17 updates

Baltic-blog.pngThis post contains live updates from day two, levels 16 and 17 of the PokerStars Baltic Festival in Tallinn.

At the level's start, 17 players remained from a starting field of 307. The full chip counts at the start of the level are available on the chip counts page. Approximate counts will appear here updated throughout the level. A full breakdown of the prizewinners to date and the full payout structure is on the prize structure page.

Level 16:
2,500-5,000 (500 ante).
Level 17: 3,000-6,000 (500 ante)

4.10pm: Level over
That's the end of that level. There's a chip count and a chip race now going on. The details will be on the chip count page.

4.10pm: Priit Plakk unstuck
The Estonian player Priit Plakk got it all in against James Keys, with the Brit comfortably covering the home hope. Keys had 9♠9♥ and Plakk had A♥Q♠ and they were racing. Plakk's chances got slimmer and slimmer as flop and turn came [10s]6♠6♦3♦ and the 9♣ on the river added insult to injury. Keys stacks up another 80,000-odd and Plakk is gone.

Priit Plakk.jpg

Priit Plakk

4.05pm: Another one out
Jerry Wong has just accounted for Patrik Kaltrud when the Norwegian was all in for his last 110,000 behind A♦6♦ and Wong called with 5♥5♠. The board gave no help - Q♣9♥3♦7♠8♥ - and Kaltrud is out in 14th. We have about 10 minutes left in this level, with 13 players. The full counts are coming at the end of the level.

Jerry Wong.jpg

Jerry Wong

4pm: Tapinas done
And that's that for Tapinas. He moved all in for his last 25,000 with 8♠3♣. Peeter Grunthal called with K♥2♠ and that stayed good on a dry board. Andrius Tapinas is our 15th placed finisher.

3.55pm: Double up for Danielsen
It's been a terrible few minutes for Andrius Tapinas, who has now doubled up Kenneth Danielsen and is left as the tournament short stack. Tapinas flopped top-pair tens with his J-10, but Danielsen had pocket jacks, which stayed good. Tapinas is down to the felt, while Danielsen is something close to 300,000.

3.45pm: Worst hand wins
Andrius Tapinas has just doubled up Antti Karkkainen, all in pre-flop. Tapinas was in good shape with A♥Q♦ against Karkkainen's A♦J♦ but a jack flopped and stayed ahead. That's a pot worth about 150,000. The full chip counts will be with us at the end of this level, in about 20 minutes time.

Antti Karkkainen.jpg

Antti Karkkainen

3.40pm: Action on both tables
Matias Knaapinen raised to 14,500 from the cut off and Einar Olafsson moved all in from the small blind. It was about 100,000 total and Knaapinen folded. On the other tables, James Keys, Claus Bec Nielsen and Petri Heinanen got all the way to the river on a double-paired board - queens and fours. Heinanen and Keys both had aces and they might have thought that was good, but Nielsen had pocket kings, which were good.

3.30pm: Kaltrud breathing again
Patrik Kaltrud is back with close to 100,000 after his pocket tens held up against Michael Fardan's J♣Q♠. There were three clubs on the board by the turn and so Fardan had a flush draw and two overcards by the time the river was dealt. But that was a harmless 2♦ and Kaltrud doubled.

3.20pm: Another double up for Knaapinen
Matias Knaapinen is now stacking up about 200,000 chips after doubling through Einar Olafsson. Knaapinen was in the big blind and saw a flop with Olafsson and Michael Fardan. It came: [10s]3♥5♣ and Knaapinen checked, then Olafsson bet 20,5000 and Fardan folded. Knaapinen moved all in, for another 58,000, and Olafsson called. The Icelandic player had A♠K♠ and was behind Knaapinen's [10c]2♣. By the time the turn came 2♦, the hand was over. And the [10h] on the river to fill the boat was just rubbing it in.

3.05pm: Level up
That was the last action of that level and we move seemlessly into the next. It's level 17, where the blinds are 3,000 - 6,000 and the ante 500. There are 15 players left.

3.05pm: Leibold departs in 16th
Imre Leibold had plenty of outs when he got it all in on a board of [10s]8♦7♠4♦ with A♠8♠. He was up against a big hand and a bigger stack: Michael Fardan had 5♠6♠, the straight, and had Leibold well covered. The river was 6♣, which did not fill the flush and Leibold was out. The all in was about 145,000, which gets added to Fardan's stack, and puts him in the chip lead.

Imre Leibold.jpg

Imre Leibold

3pm: Tapinas muscle
Andrius Tapinas is throwing his weight around. He raised to 12,000 in the cut off and picked up both blinds as callers: Peeter Grunthal and Kenneth Danielsen. The flop came K♣4♥8♠ and Grunthal checked, but Danielsen bet 14,500. Tapinas re-raised to 39,000 and that was more than enough for both of the others.

2.45pm: Nielsen takes on Keys
Claus Nielsen raised to 12,500 from under-the-gun and picked up two callers: James Keys in mid position and Antti Karkkainen in the big blind. The flop came A♠Q♥3♦ and after Karkkainen checked, Nielsen put out the continuation bet of 21,000. Keys called by Karkkainen folded. The turn was 6♦ and Nielsen remained aggressive, making it another 36,000. Keys folded.

On the other table, Matias Knaapinen was all in again, this time re-raising Michael Fadan's 12,000 opener. Fardan thought better of it and let it go.

Matias Knaapinen.jpg

Matias Knaapinen

2.30pm: Double up for Matias Knaapinen
The overnight short-stack Matias Knaapinen has doubled up. He moved in a couple of times and got no takers, and then Patrik Kaltrud finally took the bait. Kaltrud had K♥Q♥ and Knaapinen A♣3♠ and the board bricked all the way, taking Knaapinen past 100,000.

2.25pm: Natasha Ellis out in 17th
Natasha Ellis didn't have much option but to shove with pocket eights. Johan Nilsson called with Q♣J♣ and although the flop was blank: 7♠K♦3♦, and killer J♥ came on the turn and Ellis was ousted in 17th. She earns €3,070 (47,892 EEK).

Ellis out.jpg

Natasha Ellis out in Tallinn

2.20pm: Double up
Peeter Grunthal earns the first double up of the day, when his pocket tens flop a set to better Antti Karkkainen. Grunthal earns some breathing space.

2.15pm: Play under way
Play gets under way with the 17 players on two tables. The first two three bets pick up pots on each table: Imre Leibold re-raising Patrik Kaltrund and Einar Olafsson re-raised by Michael Fardan. Good enough.


Howard Swains
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