Baltic Festival: Day three, level 20 updates

Baltic-blog.pngThis post contains live updates from day three, level 20 of the PokerStars Baltic Festival in Tallinn. It's now final table time.

The full chip counts at the start of the level are available on the chip counts page. Approximate counts will appear here updated throughout the level. A full breakdown of the prizewinners to date and the full payout structure is on the prize structure page.

Blinds: 8,000-16,000 (2,000 ante)

Thomas Partridge wins €76,750 plus $15,000 package to PokerStars Caribbean Adventure
A full wrap of the day to come. Check out the prizewinners page to see who won what.

8.40pm: Game over
Thomas Partridge wins!
James Keys, UK, PokerStars qualifier, out in second winning €48,505
It's all over. There was minimal pre-flop action and Thomas Partridge led out 50,000 on a flop of 3♠Q♠2♣. Keys called. The turn came 9♠ and then it all kicked off. Partridge bet 120,000, Keys moved all in and Partridge snap-called. He had K♠5♠ for the flush and Keys had turned two pair with his 9♥2♥. Keys had full house outs but the 3♥ on the river was not one of them.

8.30pm: One way traffic
Thomas Partridge has been dominating this heads up battle so far and he has just taken another decent pot to put him up to about 2,400,000.

There was 40,000 each in the pot pre-flop, then the cards came: 5♠7♣6♠. Partridge checked, Keys bet 50,000, Partridge made it 175,000 and Keys called. The turn came [10s] and Partridge led out for 175,000. Keys let it go.


Heads up

8.25pm: Approximate chips
It's now:
Thomas Partridge: 2,100,000
Kames Keys: 900,000 approx

8.20pm: New chip leader
Thomas Partridge has now taken the chip lead when he bet 200,000 on the river, with the board showing 7♥8♦A♦A♥K♦. Partridge had 7♦4♦ for the flush and Keys mucked.

8.15pm: Keys being hauled in
Partridge has now taken another big pot in this heads up battle. There was some small action on the flop of 6♠8♣3♥ but it was when the 9♠ turn came that more money flew in. Partridge checked, Keys bet 105,000 and Partridge called. The river was 3♠ and Partridge checked again. Keys bet 280,000 and Partridge called, showing 7♥8♠ to take it.

8.05pm: And another
Partridge has taken another one, in what was almost a carbon copy of the last hand. Keys limped and Partridge made it 100,000 more, which Keys called. The flop came 8♣7♥Q♦ and Partridge bet 100,000, which Keys called. The turn was 3♣ and Partridge announced he was all in. Keys let it go.

8pm: Partridge takes one
After James Keys took the first small pot of heads up play, Thomas Partridge took the second, and it was worth a bit more. Partridge made up the big blind and Keys bet about 80,000. Called. The flop came A♥5♠5♥ and Keys check-called a 90,000 bet from Partridge. The turn was 9♥ and Keys check-folded when Partridge moved all in.

7.55pm: Heads up
The two Britons from the final table have made it to heads up. Here's what they have at the moment:

James Keys: 2,300,000
Thomas Partridge: 784,000

Thomas Partridge.jpg

Thomas Partridge

James Keys.jpg

James Keys

Howard Swains
@howardswains in Baltic Poker Festival