Baltic Festival: Day two, levels 11-12 updates

Baltic-blog.pngThis post contains live updates from day two, levels 11 and 12 of the PokerStars Baltic Festival in Tallinn.

At the level's start, 85 players remained from a starting field of 307. The full chip counts at the start of the level are available on the chip counts page. Approximate counts will appear here updated throughout the level. A full breakdown of the prize structure is on the prize structure page.

Level 12:
1,000-2,000 (200 ante)
Level 11: 800-1,600 (200 ante).

4.25pm: Afternoon tea Dinner
With that, we're off to dinner. There are 45 players left as we continue to slice through the field. I'm fairly sure that it's Claus Bek Nielsen still in charge at the moment with close to 200,000, although he's lost a bit from his high point. A full chip count is currently being undertaken, which will appear on the chip count page as soon as it's done.

Back in a few minutes. Well, 60.

4.20pm: Double up
Nice time to double up for Jari Karkkainen. He was the overnight short stack with only 6,900, but now he has close to 60,000 after the most recent hand. I think they got it all in pre-flop - him and Eric Brix that is - and Brix had 9♦9♠ to Karkkainen's A♣J♠. The board was kind to the Finn: it ran K♠3♦[10d]4♠Q♥ for the straight.

Brix is down to about 20,000.

4.05pm: Dinner preparations
There are 15 minutes until the dinner break, and some will enjoy their meal more than others. For instance Katja Thater and Imre Leibold will be savouring it: the Team PokerStars Pro has now risen to around 95,000, while Leibold, after despatching JC Alvarado, is getting somewhere close. They are also neighbours on table 13.

Similarly closely positioned are Natasha Ellis and Thomas Partridge. They're sitting in the two and three seat of table 12, and each have around 80,000. They've also discovered that they are two of about four British players in the field. For once in Tallinn, British journalists do not outnumber players!


Thomas Partridge

3.55pm: Alvarado downed
The Team PokerStars Pro JC Alvarado has endured a day today that is almost the flipside of his opener. Back then, he soared close to the chip lead, but now he is out having never gained any traction at any point. His elimination hand seemed to be standard. He was down to less than about 18,000 and when Imre Leibold opened to 5,000, Alvarado called in his big blind but then shoved instantly on the flop of 9♦K♠6♣. Most observers, including Leibold, could see that this was pre-meditated, and Leibold instantly called with J♥J♣. Alvarado's pocket threes weren't good enough.

The pro from Mexico is now free to focus on this evening's High Roller event, which is starting at 5.30pm.

3.50pm: Oh, I should probably tell you
We're now into level 12, where the blinds are up to 1,000-2,000 (200 ante) and there are 53 players left. We've already gone through about half the field, but there's still some way to go.

3.45pm: Ace-king good
Two hands played out simultaneously on neighbouring tables, with A-K the winner both times. "No diamond, no diamond!" came the cry from Kimmo Kurko on table 23, who was involved in a three-way coup. He had A♥K♥, Einar Olafsson had A♦K♠ but the player really at risk was Dmitriy Michnik with 8♠8♥. The flop was out, with two diamonds on it and an ace. Michnik's prospects were looking bleak, and Olafsson had the chance to make a backdoor flush to win a huge pot. As it turned out the diamonds didn't come, and neither did an eight, meaning Olafsson and Kurko chopped Michnik's chips between them.

There was a good deal of fists thumped on tables a few metres to the left. There, Madis Ormisson and Sami Toivonen got all their chips in pre-flop, Ormisson with 9♥9♣ and Toivonen with A♥K♠. Once the K♥ flopped the fist pumping began and it didn't end until Ormisson was sent packing.

3.30pm: Take me to your new chip leader
Claus Bek Nielsen, who has been looking somewhat alien-esque in his pointed hood and black shades, is now a runaway chip leader here. "He had a set," explained a media representative with characteristic verbosity. However he managed it, he's up to about 250,000.


Claus Bek Nielsen

3.25pm: Video, video
Here's the Danish tennis star Kenneth Carlsen, and the Norwegian comedian Morten Ramm, having a natter.

Watch PokerStars Baltic Festival: Eastgate second in chips and Ramm having fun on

3.15pm: Leader to rail in three levels
Bo Erichsen, the overnight chip leader, is now out. It had seemed that maybe Peter Eastgate might be his assassin, since Erichsen had been moved to his right, but it turns out that the danger was lurking on the other side, in the shape of Michael Fardan. Erichsen raised under-the-gun and Fardan called in the big blind with K♦Q♦. The flop came [10s]9♣7♦ and Fardan checked. Erichsen bet -- he had pocket eights -- and Fardan called. The turn came J♦ which was a monster for Fardan, giving him the nut straight and the second-nut flush draw. The 9♦ on the river only improved matters for Fardan.

Erichsen was crippled, down to about 4,000, and that went in on the next hand. Out.

3pm: Ellis on the up
Natasha Ellis has been trying to get out to see the Tallinn Old Town since day one, but her continued participation here has so far scuppered any sight-seeing. She ground through an unexciting day 1a, finishing with about 22,000 after stealing blinds late on, and then headed to the bar in the Swissotel for a nightcap. Day 1b, the scheduled day for tourism, was largely spent recovering from that nightcap, and now today she is back at the tables - and thriving. After a slow couple of levels, she found kings to double up through a pair of tens. And now she has just knocked out Marja Suonvieri, a PokerStars qualifier from Finland, in a classic queens against A-K duel. In this event, Ellis' Q♦Q♠ beat Suonvieri's A♥K♠ all in pre-flop. Ellis took the 15,000 and is now past 50,000. The Old Town will still be there next week.


Natasha Ellis

2.45pm: Nice catch for Katja
At the last break (a matter of 15 minutes ago), Katja Thater had 16,000. She now has more than 50,000, thanks to a flopped set of sevens to crack kings. Nice catch.

Johan Nilsson has also had a crushing 15 minutes. He's up to 140,000 now. In other tournament news, the overnight chip leader Bo Erichsen has just been moved to the unenviable seat immediately to Peter Eastgate's right.

It's been a steady day for Erichsen so far: he has about 58,000 still, slightly fewer than his starting total, but still healthy. Eastgate is getting involved in pretty much every pot, though, so Erichsen's stack could start to move in either direction very soon.

2.35pm: Leader
"Is it possible that a player called Yet Sang Wong could have 111,000 chips?" asked chip counter, media co-ordinator, surrogate mother to 500 poker players across the world, Mad Harper. It was possible, and it was the truth. At the end of the last level, the Dutchman had edged ahead of even Peter Eastgate and Johan Nilsson. I dropped by to see how he'd done it and found Wong in a pot against Sigurd Eskeland. The flop was K♦K♥4♦ and Wong checked, Eskeland bet 4,500 and now Wong raised to 13,800. Called by Eskeland. The turn was 6♣ and this time Wong led out, making it 22,500.


Yet Sang Wong

Eskeland folded this time, but proved that yes, it is possible that he's gone from 31,000 overnight to more than 110,000.

2.25pm: Chips!
The full chip counts are now in. Check out the chip count page for all the info.

2.20pm: Return
Players have returned from their break and we're off again. We took an official chip count at the break, the findings of which will be on the chip count page as soon as possible. This man, Johan Nilsson, will be near the top.


Johan Nilsson

Howard Swains
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