Baltic Festival: Day two, levels 15-16 updates

Baltic-blog.pngThis post contains live updates from day two, levels 15 and 16 of the PokerStars Baltic Festival in Tallinn.

At the level's start, 29 players remained from a starting field of 307. The full chip counts at the start of the level are available on the chip counts page. Approximate counts will appear here updated throughout the level. A full breakdown of the prizewinners to date and the full payout structure is on the prize structure page.

Level 15:
2,000-4,000 (400 ante)
Level 16: 2,500-5,000 (500 ante).

9pm: Overnight chips
The full chip count for the remaining 17 players is on the chip count page.

8.45pm: How they went
Phew. After some to-ing and fro-ing when they were down to 19, eventually two went out on one hand. Three players were all in pre-flop, and the player with the worst hand had the biggest stack. The hands were:

Kaspars Renga: A♣A♠
Kimmo Kurko: Q♣Q♥
Andrius Tapinas: [10d][10h]

In chips, Tapinas covered Kurko who covered Renga.

Kurko decided to play his PokerStars Blog One Time Chip™ here, and who could blame him. Tapinas, however, kept his in it cellophane wrapper, and that proved to be the wisest policy. The flop came 2♦6♠[10s] and the turn 9♥ and river 4♥ helped nobody. Kurko and Renga were knocked out. Tapinas goes into tomorrow. As do we.

A full wrap will follow, but the key info is this: there are 17 players left and James Keys of Great Britain is at the chip lead. He has 442,000, with Michael Fardan second, with 372,000.

8.40pm: Two busted, day over
Details to come.

8.25pm: Eliminations
Joachim Buch was the 19th player to fall, leaving us one short of the end of the day. The full list of prizewinners is on the prizewinner's page. We've recently said goodbye to:

21 - Timo Peri, Finland
22 - Robert Lundh, Sweden
23 - Peter Eastgate, Denmark
24 - Sigurd Eskeland, Norway
25 - Raigo Aasmaa, Estonia
26 - Joel Sallinen, Finland
27 - Heiki Laja, Estonia
28 - Eduards Rakuss, Latvia

8.20pm: Another one for Keys
When you're a dominant chip leader, you can take a flier with pocket fives and plenty of times you'll end up knocking someone out. So it proved when James Keys had 5♦5♣ and Joachim Buch had J♦9♠. They got it all in pre-flop and the board ran [10h]3♣6♥2♣A♠ and Buch read no more.

8.10pm: Down to 18
No, we're not there yet. But the recently-announced tournament schedule is that we're playing down to 18 players tonight and to a winner tomorrow.

8.05pm: Eastgate out
The World Champion has left the Baltics. Well, not the whole region yet, but his participation in the Baltic Festival is done. He limped from the button, and Johan Nilsson called from the small blind, with Patrik Kaltrud checking the big. The flop came A♠kc]3♣ and after the two blinds checked, Eastgate made a small bet, which only Nilsson called. The turn was 4♦ and it went check, bet, call again. And the river was 5♠, which Nilsson checked again. Eastgate pushed and Nilsson called instantly. He had A♣2♠ for the straight and Eastgate mucked. That is that.

8pm: Chips
Those long-awaited new chip counts are in, and they're in the usual place, which is the chip count page. James Keys is way ahead, with Michael Fardan on his shoulder and Thomas Partridge not much further back.


James Keys

Don't forget, you can get all the crucial tournament info by following the links in the widget on the right hand side of this page, or by clicking the red links here.


7.50pm: Another one down
The day 1b chip leader Aleksandr Lozkin is out. He's made the money, but it's a min cash, after he moved all in for his last 40,000 or so with A♦[10c] and was in kicker trouble against Patrik Kaltrud's A♣J♠. He had a royal flush draw to chop on the flop of [10h]J♥Q♥ but turn and river were dry and Lozkin departed.

7.45pm: Back!
The remaining 29 players are back, down now to four tables. There's a World Champion among them, let's not forget.


Peter Eastgate

Full chip counts are on their way. In the meantime, spend some time with Tony G, who was preparing for the High Roller event when our video blog team caught up with him.

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