Baltic Festival: Day two, levels 9-10 updates

Baltic-blog.pngThis post contains live updates from day two, levels nine and 10 of the PokerStars Baltic Festival in Tallinn.

At the level's start, 121 players remained from a starting field of 307. The full chip counts at the start of the level are available on the chip counts page. Approximate counts will appear here updated throughout the level. A full breakdown of the prize structure is on the prize structure page.

Level ten:
600-1,200 (100 ante)
Level nine: 400-800 (100 ante).

2.10pm: Level over
That's the end of level 10, so while players take a break, have a watch of a video:

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2.05pm: Partridge plucks at Thater
Katja Thater raised to 3,200 from early position and Thomas Partridge, in the cut off seat, made it 6,000. Thater called. The flop came 5♠3♠Q♠ and Thater bet 6,000. Partridge moved all in for 26,000 and that sent Thater into the tank. "You have only one spade?" she asked, but receiving no reply from Partridge, she mucked. Partridge showed A♥3♣ and then quickly disappeared for the break at the end of the level.

2pm: Elite series poker
Johan Nilsson is one of the best bridge players in Sweden, and has been on the board of the biggest bridge club in Europe for 16 years. This week, he's in the Baltics for poker - and he's adapted pretty well indeed. He's our chip leader at the moment, with about 115,000, and that's already close to double what he started with. Late last night, he bagged up 65,000 and today the chips have been flooding in. He knocked out two short stacks in the first level, when his A-Q out-flopped pocket sevens and K-J, and then he was the gracious beneficiary of a mis-judge all in shove by a player with pocket fives. By the point the money went in, his big blind 10-7 had made two pair. The second level is drawing to a close, and the Swede looks likely to have the most at the moment.

1.40pm: Pre-flop aggression
Madis Ormisson, with about 32,000, made it 3,600 to play from the hijack and Christian Schneider, from the button, re-raised to 9,000 from his stack of close to 50,000. Antti Kärkkäinen, who covered them both, asked for a count from Schneider, before announcing that he was all in, an increasingly common four bet. Neither of the others fancied risking their whole stack and quietly got out the way.

1.35pm: Thater picking her spots
Katja Thater, having made a successful squeeze play earlier, has just demonstrated the benefit of taking every situation as it comes. She mucked A-K pre-flop this time after a raise and a flat call when she was on the button felt a little suspicious. She was right: one opponent had pocket kings, another pocket nines and a nine on the flop ended that one.

1.20pm: Lozkin loving it
Yesterday's chip leader Aleksandr Lozkin has started today where he left off last night. He had 65,300 over night, but now he has close to 95,000 and is clearly keen to make a charge on this one.


Aleksandr Lozkin

JC Alvarado, who was also among the chip leaders on his day one, has found it slightly tougher going today. He is down to about 45,000, although will always be adding a few more. Just recently, he looked at a cut-off raise to 2,500 from Shawn Grant and immediately bumped it up to 6,200 from the button. Grant folded.


JC Alvarado

1.10pm: Thater squeezing
Thomas Partridge opened to 3,000 under-the-gun and Mike Beck Meincke called from the cut off. Katja Thater was in the big blind and had seen enough: she moved all in for about 21,000. Patridge winced and folded; Meincke clearly considered calling, but eventually he folded to, showing pocket eights. That saw no reason to return any information, sliding her cards into the muck and adding another six grand to her stack.


Katja Thater

1.05pm: New level
We've effortlessly moved into the second level of the day, the 10th overall. An even 100 players made it this far, with Peter Eastgate leading them.

12.50pm: Eastgate leader
Peter Eastgate has doubled up in what seems to be the biggest pot of the day so far. With 7♣8♣ in the hole, Eastgate defended his big blind to an early-position raise from Tero Jokela. The flop came 10-4-6 rainbow, but the real action kicked off when the turn brought a 9. All the money went in and Eastgate's straight had bettered Jokela's pocket jacks, sending Eastgate up to around 100,000. He's the first player into six figures.


Peter Eastgate

12.40pm: Nielsen on the rack
Claus Bek Nielsen and his neighbour got involved in an ugly pre-flop raising battle that proved costly to the Dane. It was folded to Nielsen on the button, who made it 2,200. The small blind, Mikhail Mun of Russia, made is 7,200 but Nielsen wasn't convinced. He dwelled for a good while before making it 14,500 but that didn't impress Mun, who shoved for about another 29,000. Nielsen had him covered but was clearly daunted by the prospect of shipping more than three quarters of his stack in the opening level.


Claus Bek Nielsen

"You made it so big that I have to call this," Nielsen said. Well, there's "have to" and "don't have to" and Nielsen eventually opted for the latter. He folded and Mun took his stack to about 50,000, while Nielsen is down to the high 20,000s.

It was a bad couple of hands for Danish journalists as Jonas Huttel, another of that breed, was sent to the rail. He ran A-K into jacks to double up a short stack, and then moved his own dwindling pile all in pre-flop, running 10-8 into A-J and getting no help. Huttel is now chatting to his friend Peter Eastgate.

12.30pm: Kristoffersen eliminated; blame it on the (Es)Stones
Gunnar Rabe opened from under the gun to 2,500 and Heiki Laja, on the button, put in a re-raise, making it closer to 8,000. In the big blind, the small stack Mats Kristoffersen under-called all in, which put the decision back on Rabe. We've seen a lot of the Swede deep in EPT tournaments, where he's always a PokerStars qualifier, and always still around on at least day two. This is how come: he folds this hand and claps his hand in self congratulation when he sees Laja's pocket kings and Kristoffersen's pocket jacks. The board runs all the way and the kings hold up, sending Kristoffersen to the rail and give Laja another few thousand to take him past 50,000.

12.20pm: Eliminations:
As usual, there have been a flurry of quick eliminations at the start of the level and, in the blink of an eye, we're down to 117.


Howard Swains
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