Baltic Festival: Early risers

Baltic-blog.pngWe have just entered level three of this tournament, and proceedings are already getting messy. It doesn't matter how prestigious the event nor how deep the stacks, players will always get their chips in early -- and that means some will always be heading for an early bath.

The tournament board shows that 130 players entered and 118 now remain. That means close to two tables of contenders have vanished, their day gone sour within two hours. Profiting from this bloodshed most obviously is a mysterious man on table 19, seat five. He already has more than 30,000 chips, three times his starting stack, and there's something typical about the fact that he's the only player in that area who didn't write his name on his seat-draw form. After a quick tap on the shoulder, he is "revealed" as Ermo K, a suitably enigmatic moniker for a man buried beneath a black hoodie and behind an early chip-leading stack of chips.


Our host city, Tallinn

Also on the up, and more well known, is JC Alvarado. He's got about 20,000 already. We'll be doing a sweep of the room for all those named players and big stacks in a moment, the findings of which will be on the chip count page. Stay tuned.

While we do that, take a look at how our video blog team set up the day:

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Howard Swains
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