Baltic Festival: Entering the final straight

Baltic-blog.pngThe past hour has not been kind to our sports stars. Kenneth Carlsen, the Danish tennis player, was seen wandering around the tournament floor and his chair, next to Morten Ramm, was empty. Carlsen went to the other side of the tournament room, near to where Mats Sundin was sitting. Note that "was". Sundin was eliminated by his countryman Ola Billmont, with queens against aces. That's the way it is in this game.


Ola Billmont, left, knocks out Mats Sundin

Billmont, who may or may not be wearing a picture of Sundin on his T-shirt (see picture), is one of a handful of players who have lately passed 40,000 in chips. By my reckoning, the Estonian player Märt Metsanurm could be our leader with about 55,000, with the Lithuanian Aleksandras Medvedevas not far behind.

It's all gone south in recent minutes for Espen Ringstad. He hit a high water mark of around 70,000 at one point, but has been on the slide. He's still very much alive but is not quite so healthy as he once was.

The Danish player Claus Bek Nielsen is having a great day. We sometimes see Nielsen in the press rooms of the EPT - he's a journalist when he's not playing poker - but it's definitely the latter for him this afternoon. Nielsen has 44,000 and change. His countryman, and fellow journalist, Jonas Huttel is still also kicking, although he's been pegged back to around 13,000.


Jonas Huttel

Huttel is now on the same table as the prospering Katja Thater (31,000) and Jari Mahonen.

To cap the Danes of interest in one post: Peter Eastgate has 37,000, which is a fine tally too for this stage.

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Howard Swains
@howardswains in Baltic Poker Festival