Baltic Festival: One .. oh! .. two down from the Team

Baltic-blog.pngTeam PokerStars Pro has lost its first representative, not just of today but of this whole tournament. Yesterday's solitary player in the familiar garb, JC Alvarado, bagged up one of the chip-leading stacks at the end of the day. And Peter Eastgate, Johnny Lodden and Katja Thater are still going strong at we approach level seven this evening.

The observant among you will be able to spot the name that's missing. William Thorson has just left the tournament room, running into a set of fives. "I'm out, what more do you want to know?" he said to his neighbour on his way to the rail, a player who had wanted to see Thorson's losing, mucked hand. He didn't get the chance and Thorson didn't tell. That's no more than a dead man's right.


William Thorson

Lodden's day has involved more travelling, and has meant him rubbing shoulders with some very familiar faces. He started of on the table of death/mirth, featuring movie stars, poker stars and comedians, then spent some time a few tables up, before being moved again into the seat next to Mats Sundin, the former hockey great. Lodden enjoyed the first table, moving into the high 20,000s within an hour or two; didn't have so much fun on the second, where he snaked down to about 14,000, but he's ... ah

Live action update: Johnny Lodden is out. His kings just ran into ace king and an ace rivered. Ouch.


Johnny Lodden, elbowed out

Thater's day has been much more steady, and she hasn't moved seats all day. After dodging a potential pitfall on the very first hand, when she had to lay down pocket queens to some deeply sinister betting on a paired board, she held steady at around 10,000 for as long as she needed to, before getting a neat double up close to the dinner break. She's now well in the safety zone, with more than 20,000.


Katja Thater

Eastgate has been all over the place, in terms of chips and quite literally. The World Champion didn't show up until the second level, and since then he has been dashing away on various media duties, as well as spending some time with friends in the player lounge. You might expect a stack belonging to such a gad-about would be dwindling towards nothingness, but really quite the contrary is true. He's actually taken his starting stack and more than tripled it. Imagine what might have happened if he'd stayed still all day.

There was also an amusing moment earlier, captured by our photographer Rene Velli, when Eastgate was asked to step away from the table for using his mobile phone. No concessions for champions.


Peter Eastgate banished from his table

William Thorson spoke to our video bloggers prior to his elimination, as did the Norwegian comedian Morten Ramm, who starts this clip. Ramm is still going very well indeed.

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