Belgian Poker Series Grand Final underway

ps_news_thn.jpgThe first day of the Belgian Poker Series Grand Final is over with Christopher Buzzo in the lead.

Day 1a began with a lot of familiar faces in hw crowd, including Kevin Thomas, Fried Meulders, Filip Verboven, Laurens De Smet, and more. Many of them made it tot he end of the day. One thing Day 1a was not, however, was one for the women, Not one managed to have chips after the last river of the night. In any case, Buzzo will take the chip lead into Day 2 on Monday.


Christopher Buzzo

Live reporting will continue on Day 1b on the Dutch-language PokerStars Blog. Look below for some selected chip counts from Day 1a.

Christopher Buzzo 256.000
Philippe Laval 166.500
Felipe Alves 111.100
Bart Mannheims 95.000
Ward De Bruyn 79.800
Jens Vandemaele 78.000
Michiel Jonkers 92.800
Fabrice Somers 85.800
Vincent Gabel 71.000
Danny Latten 47.400
Shahriar Soltani 43.400
Lorenzo Van den Hove 29.800
Michael Gathy 27.800
Filip Verboven 22.300
Daniel Dodet 14.500
Brian Rausens 11.100
Bjorn Geleyn 11.100

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