Jonathan Duhamel finishes fourth in Canada Cup High Roller

After 10 levels completed on Day 2, play was suspended for the night in the PokerStars Canada Poker Cup Event #4 $10,000 High Roller after Team PokerStars Pro Jonathan Duhamel busted in fourth place.

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Today, three players remain with Samuel Chartier (593K) holding a 3.5:1 chip lead over David Yann (248K) and Ami Alibay (179K). The final three hopefuls will return at 1:00 pm ET to battle down to a champion.

Play was swift during the first two levels of play as the field narrowed from 20 to 12 players. The first to exit was the shortest stack to start the day, Jeff Rossiter. Soon after Rossiter's exit, Lawrence Greenberg, Guillaume Rivet, Patrick Crivell, Martin Rauss, John Ardess, Nick Petrangelo, and Steven Silverman were all sent packing. Things slowed down a bit as the final table bubble approached. Chanracy Khun was eliminated near the end of level 11 in a massive three-way pot between Ami Alibay and Jason Duval. All three had a pocket pair as Khun and Alibay were at risk all-in pre-flop with Duval having them both covered. Alibay had the best of it holding aces, Khun held nines, and Duval had sixes. Alibay's aces held to send Khun to the rail.

Sylvain Siebert busted next at the end of Level 11. Siebert had been crippled by Chartier moments before and was finished off by Ankush Mandavia. Mandavia would unfortunately earn the title of final table 'bubble boy' halfway through Level 12. Mandavia found himself in a classic race with [10c][10s] against Samuel Chartier's A♣K♥. Chartier hit an ace on a 8♠A♠6♥ flop. Mandavia did not get any help from the turn 7♠ or river 5♥ and exited in 10th place.

Carlos Chadha was the first casualty of the final table. He was the shortest stack entering play. Danny Lauzon followed soon after, eliminated in 8th place. Jason "Bebe Chien" Duval was the final table bubble boy, busting in 7th place to Kevin McDonald.

Timothy Adams got his last 10 or so big blinds in the middle pre-flop with A♠[10h] and unfortunately ran into the A♦K♠ of David Yann. Adams could not improve on the 3♦8♣[10c]6♥K♣ board and was eliminated in 6th place for $19,780.

Kevin MacDonald fell victim to poker's cruelty as he found himself barely covering the all-in call of David Yann pre-flop. MacDonald was slightly ahead with his 2♥2♦ versus Yann's A♥[10h] as a classic race ensued. The flop brought the daggers, literally, running out A♣2♠A♠. MacDonald had flopped a full house to Yann's trip aces. The turn Q♣ changed nothing, and Yann would need to hit the last ace or one of the three remaining tens to stay alive. The river brought the [10c] and MacDonald was left devastated holding two big blinds.

The next hand, MacDonald was all-in pre-flop holding K♦[10h], dominated by Ami Alibay's A♠[10c]. The flop ran out 9♥K♥Q♦ and MacDonald jumped out in front with a pair of kings. Alibay would need to hit an ace or a jack to send MacDonald to the rail. The 9♦ on the turn was no help to either player, but the river J♣ gave both players a straight, Alibay's ace-high straight busted MacDonald in 5th place, good for $24,730.

With the blinds 2.5k/5k, Jonathan Duhamel three-bet shoved all-in for 22 bbs over top of Samuel Chartier's pre-flop 11k open. Duhamel was way behind holding 8♦6♦ to Chartier's A♠Q♦. The board ran out 5♣[10d]3♠[10h]J♠. The PokerStars Team Pro and 2010 WSOP Main Event champion hit the rail in 4th place earning $34,620.

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