Robert Notkin wins PokerStars Canada Cup

The PokerStars Canada Cup $3,300 Main Event champion has been crowned! The $30 PokerStars online satellite winner, Robert Notkin, has claimed the Canada Cup title, trophy, and $366,660 first place prize. The $2,000,000 guaranteed Main Event saw 578 entries and, in the end, one of the most epic hands ever between the final four players.

In the final hand, with blinds 100k/200k, Robert Notkin limped in under-the-gun. Justin Miller shoved from the button for three big blinds. Vincent Jacques re-shoved in the small blind for 7.5 million. Ryan Rivers thought for a moment before moving his 1.25 million stack into the middle. Notkin snap-called putting all three of his opponents at risk for elimination.

Rivers: 8♣8♥
Jacques: A♥T♦
Miller: K♠Q♥
Notkin: K♣K♥

The dealer fanned J♠7♦3♥7♥5♣. Notkin scooped the massive 17.3m chip pot, $366,660 and the PokerStars Canada Cup Main Event title.


Robert Notkin

Here are the final table results.

1st : Robert Notkin $366,660
2nd: Vincent Jacques $257,280
3rd: Ryan Rivers $165,280
4th: Justin Miller $122,410
5th: Rayan Chamas $91,760
6th: Ankush Mandavia $73,520
7th: Thiago Nishijima $61,300
8th: Francois Goulet $48,880
9th: James Armstrong $36,660

This was the first time the PokerStars Canada Cup was played in a live setting from start to finish. Originally an online tournament suspended play with the final nine players and played out a live final table at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure festival. This time, it played start to finish in Montreal at the Playground Poker Club.

Congratulations to Robert Notkin on an amazing finish.

Canada Cup staff
@PokerStars in Canada Cup