Chipping away

Question: Who's actually leading this thing?
Answer: Richard Redmond, currently sitting with about 62,000 in chips.

Photos to follow, but here are some more (approximate) numbers in the meantime.

Ken Lennard 32,000; Iwan Jones 20,000; Ray "Candyman" Coburn 35,000; Surindar Sunar 15,000; Luca Pagano 24,000; Donnacha O'Dea 35,000; Ben Grundy 18,000; Ahmet Melin 29,000; Michael Greco 15,000; Don Fagan 10,000; Padraig Parkinson 2,000; Isabelle Mercier 28,000; Noah Boeken 30,000; Birgitta Johansson 20,000; Baard Dahl 15,000; Alex Stevic 23,000.

Last but not least a mention for Dennis Kobbero, the PokerStars qualifier who's sitting with his arm in plaster (football injury) and just three yellow chips. Each is worth 1,000, but he'll be making a move (with his good hand) soon. Dennis qualified for the Barcelona EPT on PokerStars, missed the Baden trip by one place, and is now back in the thick of it in Dublin. Even if he can't make it back from the dead tonight, there's a fair bet that his knack of qualifying will retun him to the EPT tables again soon.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in European Poker Tour