EPT Baden: Payouts

Well, as it turns out, we're either playing until 11pm local time or until we get down to 36 players. With only 40 players remaining, the end could come soon. A few notes:

  • Roland Dewolfe has been crippled with AK vs. AA.
  • Noah Boeken's naked aces can't lose.
  • Daniel Larsson, Christian Grundtvig, and Patrick Antonius look really big right now
  • FPP qualifier Jason McCombie is still in.

    I've also been handed a list of payouts (all prizes in Euros):

    1. 218,990
    2. 120,384
    3. 61,560
    4. 47,880
    5. 41,040
    6. 34,200
    7. 27,360
    8. 20,520
    9. 13,680
    10-12. 8,208
    13-15. 6,840
    16-18. 5,472
    19-27. 4,104

    Some closing pictures and chip counts will be out in a bit. Until then, here's a shot of the so-called Poker Scouts (aka Austrian chip runners). Any time a player is moved to another table, one of these ladies carry the chips in a little black bucket.

  • Brad Willis
    @BradWillis in European Poker Tour