EPT London: By the numbers

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Cricket and Poker meet
Flight #1 coverage

Well, the official numbers have come in. So, rather than startle myself with my own verbosity, here's some raw numbers and slightly less raw photos.

Total entrants: 236 (two flights of 118)
Places paid: 24
First place: 280,000 pounds
Players remaining from first flight: 12
Players remaining from second flight: 100+


1. 280,000 pounds
2. 145,740
3. 72,870
4. 41,640
5. 24,290
6. 20820
7. 17,350
8. 13,889
9. 10,410
10-16. 7,000
17-24. 4,000

Some random chip counts:

Paul Maxfield--8k
David Mermand-13k
Ken Lennart--3k
Tony G.--24k
Dale Greenleaf--21k
John Shipley--7k
Bambos Xanthos--15k
Neil Channing--25k
Patric Martenson--7k
Simon Young--8k
Ross Boatman--10k
Isabelle Mercier--4k
Thomas Fougeron--14k
Micahel Atheron--Eliminated by holdem_nl who now has around 30k
Noah Boeken--5k
Jac Arama--27k
Christoffer Stahle-14k
Chris Moneymaker-7k
sdnav (PS screen name)--6k

And now for some pictures...

Luca Pagano looking sharp

Chris Moneymaker at the feature table

Noah Boeken, seen through a bank of slot machines

Bambos Xanthos, Scandinavian Open third place finisher

Alexander Stevic, two-time EPT Season 1 final table finisher

Alex Cooper, EPT Season 1 final table finisher

Keeping it real

Some of my writing breathren have thrown down their notepads and picked up the cards for this event. I'd be remiss if I didn't feature them here.

Simon Young of the The Sun

John Caldwell of PokerNews.com (right), next to Luca Pagano

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in European Poker Tour