EPT London: The Final 24

We've reached the final 24 players in the EPT London Poker Masters. The remaining runners will begin play at 2:30pm Sunday afternoon. Here's how they stack up as they fight for the eight seats at the final table.

Mark Teltsher (London) 232,200
J. Helness (Norway) 190,200
Kirill Gerasimov (Russia) 175,100
Paul King 174,400
V. Kanwar 170,300
H. Granstead 149,800
David Shallow 133,700
Tony Bloom 133,200
Daniel Burke (USA) 116,000 -- PokerStars qualifier
Tom "holdem_nl" Dwan 113,900 -- PokerStars qualifier
D. Smitsbertelsen (Denmark) 104,100
R. Keston 100,200
Ram Vaswani (England) 89,500
Stewart Brown 72,500 -- PokerStars/Inside Edge Home Game winner
I. Novak 66,800
J. Bensinger (USA) 57,800 -- PokerStars qualifier
Graham Clarkson (Scotland) 52,800 --PokerStars qualifier
Anthony Girasou 47,800
N. Jefferson 47,300
D. Greenleaf (England) 32,200
R. Gryko (England) 29,800
John Caldwell (USA) 29,000 --PokerStars qualifier
Jaime Ponte 23,500
Frank Callaghan (Ireland) 21,900

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in European Poker Tour