The new TV stars

For the second time - out of two - the bubble burst in the face of a PokerStars qualifier. This time the unfortunate man was Jonas Molander, the man from Stockholm, who won't be featuring on television, but will take home €19,900 for his ninth place.

That leaves us with eight. They are:

Joe Rafferty (Ire) - 548,200
David Pomroy (Eng) - 474,200
Mats Gavatin (Swe) - 430,800
Pete Haslam (Eng) - 307,500
Michael Greco (Eng) - 259,800
Henric Olander (Swe) - 209,000
Michael O'Sullivan (Ire) - 163,000
Jim Reid (Ire) - 89,900

Pictures and profiles will follow. We're now all getting on a bus and heading to the new venue.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in European Poker Tour