Changing history

Good morning from Deauville. It's Day 1B of the EPT French Open, but before we begin, there are a couple of amendments to make from yesterday's coverage.

Firstly, apologies to Frederik Hostrup - he's still right up there, despite what I wrote late yesterday. Jon Hewston is too, but he did not overtake the Dane. As expected, Claude Cohen, of France, did turn out to be the chip leader, with Theo Jorgensen hot on his heels.

The full list is below, with the added identity of some PokerStars qualifiers who will be followed from here on.

Day 1A Chip Counts

Claude Cohen 117,450
Theo Jorgensen 111,175
Frederik Hostrup 105,850
Mike Hermes 84,600
Henrik Olander 83,500
Roy Brindley 73,925
Patric Martensson 73,325
Jon Hewston 71,875
Stuart Fox 66,600
Ram Vaswani 61,150
Jeff Sharpe 59,800
Ole Busborg Jensen (PokerStars qualifier) 59,200
Torstein Iversen 52,625
Charalambos Xanthos 51,175
Stuart Nash 45,200
Jacky Adda 44,975
B. Gilbert 41,725
Jonathan Demsey 40,550
Erik Van Der Bourg 35,875
Daniel Nilsson 35,800
Marc Naalden 35,150
Marc Goodwin 34,000
Paul Van Wijk (PokerStars qualifier) 33,675
Kenneth Johnson (PokerStars qualifier) 32,750
R. Tykoczikosky 31,925
Xavier Laszcz 31,450
Michel Abecassis 31,000
Charlie Harvey 29,350
Henrik Gwinner 27,400
Nick Chanas 23,600
Aleksander Liberg 23,225
Juan Florez 23,200
Malcom Gorse (PokerStars qualifier) 21,975
Elie Marciano 21,500
Danny Ticer (PokerStars qualifier) 21,475
Andreas Berg 21,275
Ross Boatman 21,225
Mark Boudewijn 21,150
David O`Callaghan 21,000
Ryan Fronda 20,650
Robert Price 20,175
Kirill Gerasimov 19,750
Carlos Da Silva 19,400
Frode Fagerli 18,500
Alex Michaels 18,125
Cametti 18,000
Ken Powell 16,250
Tim Klarpas 16,150
Greg Mathias (PokerStars qualifier) 15,650
Bernt Grytdahl 15,325
John Falconer 15,100
Joep Durkstra 15,050
Martin Pollak 14,550
Stian Godderstad 13,675
J. Kruijer 13,650
Nick Sherman 13,050

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in European Poker Tour