EPT Baden: Cleaner makes tidy work of it

Jorryt van Hoof

PokerStars player Jorryt van Hoof, who plays under the name of TheCleaner11, is sweeping up everything at his table - and has taken the chip lead in Baden.

Jorryt was helped on his way by a strange hand when he rivered a set of eights to beat his opponenet, who had a set of fours on the flop. Both were a bit cagey with four spades on the board, and a possible straight flush, but despite neither having a spade the pot still topped 10,000.

Germany's Christoph Haller is pushing Jorryt for the lead, and sits on just a thousand or so behind him.

Meanwhile our qualifier Voodoo - now on about 15,000 - has had his star-studded table split up. He came through despite the likes of Marcel Luske, Edgar Skjervold, Noah Boeken and Mats Iremark sitting with him. Marcel is growing steadily and now sits atop 22,000.

With about 106 players left, London EPT winner Vicky Coren, here with PokerStars, had been struggling, down to as low as 6,000, but has regrouped to 14,500. Andy Black, from Ireland, is on her table and also sits on about 14,000. But with the average stack now 15,000, he's still looking healthy.

Vicky Coren regroups

Let me introduce you to Mika Paasonen - siina on PokerStars - who has worked his way up to approaching 30,000 chips. From Finland, he won through to Baden in a $475 cash satellite.

Mika Paasonen
Simon Young
@MrSimonYoung in European Poker Tour