EPT Baden: Gryko on time

Richard Gryko

Richard Gryko, Raconteur on PokerStars, was an unlucky man at the London EPT last month. He turned up late, thanks to the city's notorious traffic, and under a peculiar British law, was not allowed to take part. If you are not at your seat when the first cards hit the table, you are disqualified. Harsh, but there you go.

Furious, he hit the PokerStars tables and took out his anger there. Within hours he had won a cash satellite for this Baden event, where players are fighting for a prize pool of €1,572,250. The Brit is one to watch, too. He went very deep in the WSOP main event this summer, cashing $165,000 for his 50th place. We are into Level 3 and he's comfortable at the moment.

Another PokerStars qualifier is Carl Olson - screen name colson10. Carl, from Seattle, Washington, is developing a reputation as a satellite whizzkid. He has already qualified for the first three EPTs this season, and will be heading to Dublin, too, for event number four.

Carl Olson, out of this world satellite player

He finished second in the first Deauville event in 2005, but has not managed to cash since, but his online play is, we are told, "freaky good". A colleague who watched the qualifier for Dublin, said he was short-stacked heading towards the seat-winning places, but changed gears smartly and finished comfortably with chips to spare.
Simon Young
@MrSimonYoung in European Poker Tour