EPT Baden: Money, music and chips

Eleint, the Viennese whirl

They like their music here, and after every level a burst of The Entertainer greets us over the PA system. That's music to the ears of local boy and PokerStars qualifier Peter "eleint" Provaznik from Vienna.

He is a serious classical piano player and helps run the family financial advice business. In between all that he finds time to play poker - and very successfully, too. He plays live (poker, not piano) in Vienna, while on PokerStars he plays 30/60 limit, and dabbles too in no limit, pot limit omaha and stud. Phew!

This is his first EPT (he qualified in a $475 satellite) and he plans to play abroad more and is shooting for a place in the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure.

But first he has more pressing matters at hand, winning his home EPT here in Baden. He's on a tough table, though, and sitting immediately to his left is fellow Austrian and PokerStars cash qualifier Sigi Stockinger. Let us hope they remain the best of neighbours.

Sigi Stockinger

Meanwhile, out on the floor we are down to about 140 players from the 164 starters. We have just finished level five, and the blinds will now increase to 150-300. Team PokerStars Luca Pagano and ElkY have both taken hits. Come on, boys!

For you keen sports fans, here's former footballer Thomas Brolin, who starred for his country, Sweden, as well as for clubs in England and Italy. Now he is cropping up on the EPT circuit. Looking sinister in dark clothing and massive shades, he's on about 19,000 so far.

Thomas Brolin: Having a ball

As a footnote, those women on stilts have thankfully disappeared. They were making my neck ache.
Simon Young
@MrSimonYoung in European Poker Tour