EPT Baden: Mystery, messy man

Mystery Russian and his messy pile

A secretive Russian, who will only tell us his name is Rodion, has marched into the lead with about 138,000 chips.

Though how anyone can be precise about it is an equal mystery - just look at his chips. The mess he has made may look bad, but that was after he was asked by the floor to tidy them up!

We are down to 45 players, and the blinds are 600-1,200 with a running 100 ante, and England's Peter Gould is continuing to build nicely at 70,000, although he nudged 100,000 at one point. Also still in contention is Sweden's Ramzi Jelassi, with Steve Vlader, also from England, coming along not far behind.

Peter Gould, sitting pretty

Ramzi Jelassi and Steve Vlader would rather listen to music than each other

Special mention, though to PokerStars qualifier Chris Roth (croth), who is still being watched every step of the way by his girlfriend Nikki (whom he met at the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure).

Sitting quietly for hours on about 14,000, he has suddenly shot up, thanks to a triple up that knocked out two big names in David Colclough and Jeff Lissandro.

Croth knocked out two in one hand

Chris had A-A, and after a bit of pre-flop raising, all their chips went in. The A-A in this case held up, beating Lissandro's 10-10 and Colclough's A-7. So Colclough, who had been the survivor of the day, bows to Chris, who himself has been proving difficult to budge.

Meanwhile, ElkY is a man on the move, up to almost 50,000 thanks to a double up when his A-A dominated an A-K caller. Then he doubled again when his turned flush also made a set for his opponent.

PokerStars player Polarsky, sitting uncomfortably with just 3,000, went all-in with A-2 and prayed for the best. Two callers came, as did a 2 on the turn, and that was enough to treble him up.

Mel Judah, an early chip leader before falling behind the pace, has also just doubled up to 60,000 against Peter Gould.

Sigi Stardust

Local boy and PokerStars qualifier Sigi Stockinger is up to about 30,000 after sitting patiently with little to work with for most of the day. But their was no good news for fellow qualifier and Austrian Peter (eleint) Provaznik. His push short-stacked with a medium hand was not enough. "It was a tough table," he said, and it was Goodnight Vienna to him.

We'll see if we can find out a little more about our Russian Mystery Man, Rodion.
Simon Young
@MrSimonYoung in European Poker Tour