EPT Baden: Mystery Russian revealed!

Rodion, tidy profit but messy stack

Our mystery Russian, he with the massive chip lead at the end of Day 1A, has been revealed as Cherednichenko Rodion. You'll remember he was reluctant to give anyone his name last night, but had he done so, I doubt any of us would have spelt it right anyway.

He sits on 218,000 chips, more than double that of his nearest challenger, English businessman Peter Gould. Only Swedish double act Ramzi Jelassi and Jonas Molander come close with 84,700 and 81,000.

A full list of Day 1A finishers and their chips can be found here.

Some 38 players survived yesterday's Day 1A, and more than 170 are expected to take their seats today for Day 1B. Among them are Team PokerStars' Katja Thater, from Germany, and England's Vicky Coren, who did so well to win the EPT in London last month.

Queen Victoria: Vicky Coren plays today

Team PokerStars' Katja Thater

Here, too, are the Boatman brothers - Ross and Barny - Ireland's Andy Black, Juha Heppi from Finland, Ireland's Andy Black, Noah Boeken from Holland, and previous EPT winners Mats Iremark (Deauville), from Sweden, and Mads Andersen (Copenhagen), from Denmark.

And, of course, we have a healthy selection of PokerStars qualifiers, whose stories and pictures we will bring to you as the day progresses.

Play is due to begin again at noon local time, and already the players are beginning to arrive at Casino Baden to complete registration in good time for the off.

The atmosphere is relaxed, soon aided, no doubt, by our resident pianist. I hope he has changed his playlist - Blue Moon, Always Look on the Bright Side of Life and Tom Jones numbers are not my cup of tea.

The power of the written word, eh? No sooner have I typed this paragraph, than the gentleman in question has sat down, straightened his bow tie, and begun tickling the ivories, not that I recognise his first ditty.

I am the music man, I come from down your way

I'm off to see who is around and how they are feeling. Forget Sunday lunch, stick right here with us today and keep up as the inevitable drama unfolds.
Simon Young
@MrSimonYoung in European Poker Tour