EPT Baden: Queen Vic defeats kings

Vicky Coren is smiling again

Vicky Coren must be thinking someone above is looking after her right now. Weeks ago she won the EPT in London, and now she has used up a wedge of luck to not only survive here in Baden, but double up in the process.

Surely this monster hand was not all luck? Er, yes. An opponent raised to 1,800 with, it transpired, K-K. Our Vicky, who is here with PokerStars, clearly thought he had nothing and re-raised all in with her remaining 9,000 or so chips.

Uh Oh! The poor chap, rubbing his hands with glee, called instantly, turning over the K-K. Vicky's mega bluff looked doomed as she reluctantly flipped the rather feeble 7-4 off suit. This is where her "friend" upstairs stepped in. The flop delivered three clubs, and another on the turn brought her flush. She's now up and running again on 25,000!

Ara Melikian

Another man with reason to look to the heavens is PokerStars qualifier Ara (melikman) Melikian. He's been playing a good game here, but must have thought that game was up when he picked up Q-Q and all the chips went in pre-flop against K-K. No problem, though, when a Q came on the flop, shunting him up to the 35,000 mark.

The accountant said: "This guy lost a big pot a few hands earlier and I thought he could easily be pushing with something like J-J. I want to go deep so I called his 16,000 all-in re-raise with my Q-Q. It worked out nicely!"

We are down to 68 players, with the blinds on 400-800. Players on the move upwards include Sweden's Per Ummer (46,150), Henrik Olander (43,000) and Juha Helppi (19,000). Those heading the wrong way include PokerStars qualifier Jorryt van Hoof (16,000), Christoph Haller (18,000) and Martin Wendt (15,600).
Simon Young
@MrSimonYoung in European Poker Tour