EPT Baden: Two fighting for chip lead

Come on, who wants it

These are the gleaming trophies our remaining 80 Day 1A players are squabbling over. Two of them, England's Peter Gould, a property venture capitalist, and Sweden's Ramzi Jelassi are vying for the chip lead, both with around 60,000 chips.

Ramzi Jelassi

Peter Gould

Ramzi just added to his stack by taking a big pot from under the nose of PokerStars' Dario Minieri. They raised and called before the flop, which came 4,5,6. Ramzi bet 1,500 and Dario called. The turn came a J. Ramzi bet 3,000 and Dario was in bullish mood and re-raised to 11,000. Ramzi took a long look at his cards and moved all-in. It was too much for Dario, who folded.

We have lost PokerStars qualifier Jan Heitmann (erdnase) after eight hours. The German was unlucky. Soon after losing half his stack when his A-Q was rumbled by A-K, he looked down to find Q-Q, one of which was a diamond.

With the blinds at 200-400 and a running 25 ante, he bet 1,200. His opponent re-raised to 3,500, which Jan called.

The flop was jack high and all diamonds. Jan checked, his opponent bet 3,500, and Jan decided to make a stand with his over pair and flush draw. His opponent turned over J-J for the set, and the turn and river failed to bring any of Jan's many outs.

But our man was philosophical. "He played it really well," he said. "If I had pushed pre-flop he probably would have folded."

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Simon Young
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