EPT Baden: Wake up, Dan!

Hartman: Wake me up, before you go go

PokerStars qualifier Daniel Hartman (DanHartman) from Michigan, was so tired after a 26-hour journey to Austria that he needed a little nap to regain his strength. That quick shut-eye turned into something approaching hibernation, and he woke up with a start just 20 minutes before the tournament began!

A quick dash around his hotel room, no doubt tripping up with one leg stuck in his trousers, saw him arrive at the casino, somewhat out of breath, just in time to sit down.

His sleep seems to have done him the world of good, though, because he is holding his own with his original 10,000 chips as we move into Level 2.

By day, Dan is a criminal defence lawyer, handling up to 40 cases a year, a perfect background for spotting folk trying to steal his blinds. He qualified here after winning big in a $13 rebuy, and using his cash to enter five satellites while Mrs Hartman was out for the day.

After losing to the usual bad beats, he finally sucked out himself in the fifth game, rivering a flush to win his seat.

Used to courtroom drama, this is one man who will not be fazed by the pressure of an EPT event.

Elsewhere on the floor, Luca Pagano - occasionally donning a very Italian Ferrari jacket - and Elky have been busy, both building up their stacks nicely. Luca is up to 15,000 and Elky sits behind a similar stash. As long as they keep out of each other's way, there is every chance their momentum will continue.

Jeff Lissandro, the Italian who final tabled in Barcelona, has found himself on a tricky table, sitting alongside Britain's Ram Vaswani, one quarter of The Hendon Mob. There's a healthy respect between the two, and Jeff got out of the way when Ram went to war with a young fellow across the table.

With blinds up to 50-100, the kid on the button raised to 500. Ram made it 1,700 and it was called. On a K-K-3 flop, Ram check-called a 2,000 bet. The turn was an ace and was checked to the river, a 2.

Ram made it 3,000 and met a call before proudly flipping over A-A for the full house. The youngster declined to show his offering and sat quietly licking his wounds. Vaswani is up to about 19,000.

Some 164 players started today, and a total of 333 are so far registered for the tournament. If you can get here by early tomorrow morning there is still time to buy-in.

Just don't oversleep like our Dan.
Simon Young
@MrSimonYoung in European Poker Tour