EPT Barcelona: Chip count, level 4

When Stars collide
Two of Team Poker Stars - Bertrand Grospellier (ElKy), and Katja Thater - have come together on table 2. ElKy's got the edge 20 minutes into level 4: 15,000 to 13,000. The pair share the felt with one of the early big stacks, a 40k pile.

Other approximate counts for selected Poker Stars qualifiers:
Bauer44: the Canadian rookie is hanging in with 7,000
Maximilian74: crippled by a set of fives and still down in the dust with 2,000
Temel55: the double-up king was down to 3,000, but now has 19,000
Jippo79: Finnish qualifier is cosy on 12,000

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in European Poker Tour