EPT Barcelona: Newbie news

Europe for $5
Dustin 'Bauer44' Bauer is busting a row of cherries this week. First time in Europe; first time on the EPT; first live tournament EVER.
As a rule, the newbie from the Canadian Midwest plays $3/$6 NL hold 'em on Poker Stars. This is bigger, but it started small for Dustin - a $5 re-buy tournament was the first rung on the qualification ladder for him, then a $480 satellite.
It's been a long, and slightly offbeat journey to Barcelona - via Winnipeg, Montreal and Frankfurt - and he sensibly took the precaution of bagging the full eight hours last night.
His ambition this week? "Not to be first out."
I think he's made it - our first casualty went after half an hour of level one. It's all gravy now, man.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in European Poker Tour