EPT Monte Carlo: By night

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Dinner Break Rumblings

So, here we sit, halfway through Day 1A. The players are letting their dinners settle and within an hour we'll be back in action. After scarfing down a quick meal, I grabbed the camera and headed out to see what this place looks like in the dark.

Here's what I came up with during my brief trip out of the building.

Looking up at the ceiling mirror and back down onto the lobby floor

The flags in font of the building, backed up by the moon high in the sky

Palm trees, lit for night viewing

The monte Carlo Bay Resort, going the wrong way

One of many fountains, set in front of the resort

The entrance to the poker hall

Co-blogger Mad Harper hard at work

Funny thing--people keep rounding corners and running right into people that look remarkably like themselves. I wondered why people kept running around rubbing their forehead. These mirrors explain it pretty well.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in European Poker Tour