Shek attack

Ten minutes before the dinner break and PokerStars corner on table four has lost its first player. It was one of those where the reporter arrives just in time to see the axe fall - there was a flop of Js-Kh-As-Jh-6d and a bet in front of Brent Wheeler, our qualifier from Chicago.

Shek Chi Hung, who is only actually sitting in just one seat but who seems to be involved in every notable pot, then stuck in the kind of sized raise that only the chip leaders can make. He slid forward a pile of brown 500 chips, but had enough of those to cover all of Brent's gold 1000s.

Brent looked as though he knew his game was up; he maybe had an ace, a straight, perhaps even a jack. Shek flipped pocket kings for a huge full house and Brent is on his way back to the Windy City.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in European Poker Tour