EPT London: Bullet-point bulletin - No 5

A full eight levels have now been played. We’re now on the last break of the day with the green chips, each worth 25, being raced off. We play just one more one hour level this evening before bagging up. Then we come back here tomorrow to do it all again. Here's how it stands...

  • Blinds are now up to 400-800 with a running 100 ante.
  • The average stack of each of the 99 players remaining is 29,000.
  • As of now the chip lead is a close run thing with Team PokerStars Pro Gavin Griffin on or thereabouts with 68,000 and Michael Martin on 63,000.
  • There's been some talk in the media room about the rise to the top of the tree of Soren Blanner, who some outlets have reported as having more than 70,000. If he did at one point, he hasn't anymore. He has about 44,000, with Priyan de Mel, to his left, stacking about 55,000.
  • Table three has been a tough one all day, despite a rotation of players. Max Pescatori remains, so too Alan Smurfit. They're now joined by Team PokerStars Pros Gavin Griffin and Victor Ramdin.