Day 1b bullet-point bulletin No 3

In between tables breaking, plates of food being passed around and the blinds going up, the landscape of the tournament is beginning to change now, with severe ramifications for the familiar faces. Here's how it all looks on the tournament floor.

  • Andre Akkari took his turn trying to double up, making it work when his pocket jacks held up against a caller with A-K. He received a welcome boost and is now up to 11,000.
  • Not such good news for PokerStars Ambassador Boris Becker. He crashed out a few moments ago.
  • A tidal wave of eliminations has decimated a portion of the PokerStars team today though. In the last few minutes Noah Boeken has gone, so too Dario Minieri and Chris Moneymaker. Million Dollar Man Darus Suharto has also joined them on the rail.
  • For the latest chip counts, click HERE.