EPT Barcelona: A face in the crowd

Being so close to the action and spending large parts of your day in the tournament surrounded by poker players, you tend speak to the same players, particularly those who seem to be back every day - a sure fire sign that their week is going well.

One of those players is Malte Strothman from Germany.

I spoke with Malte, a student from Frankfurt, earlier this week, reminiscing about his previous and first EPT, and his eagerness to play a second. From then we were on nodding terms as I passed down the aisles.

Fast forward to this morning where, in the line for coffee, he updated me on his week which now has him sat, through some good play and one or two lucky moments, with 138,500 at the start of day three. Actually it wasn't coffee it was iced tea. A minor point you might think but not for Malte, who'd had the same yesterday and the same the day before.

Yes, like many others before him, superstition has played its part according to him.

It wasn't just the same morning drink and the same clothes (some now replaced by the contents of a new player bag - "I was starting to stink.") He also revealed another superstition - each day he'd withdrawn money to play the cash games "In case I was eliminated" he said. He did the same on day two and the same today. Like a protective force field it's kept him in good shape.

No need to mess with fate then. We'll see as he plays on the current feature table.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in European Poker Tour