EPT Barcelona: An Italian down

As previously mentioned, we're down to just two tables in Barcelona, and while one is under studio lights, the other is the prime focus of a scrum of press representatives unable to rely on a live televised feed. Italy has been spectacularly well represented here, both in terms of players and press, and they're out in force on that second table, where three of the eight seats are occupied by the Italians.

Actually, make that two. The main focus this evening has usually been Salvatore Pengue, who has been getting under the skin of some of his opponents by taking a long time for every decision, before usually folding. He did so on two consecutive hands, firstly when Stevie Chidwick moved all in from the small blind, and then when Jonas Molander made a standard pre-flop raise from early position.

But the player to take the walk was actually his countryman Claudio Cecci, who pushed his short stack in pre-flop and left Jonas Molander to make a fairly standard value call. Molander only had K-2, and he was behind Cecci's A-10. But a deuce flopped and the rest bricked, ending his participation. No worries, there are still three other Italians in the mix.

Germany has also had an excellent EPT Barcelona, and it continued against the odds for Sebastian Ruthenburg, who just found himself all in with A-10 against the queens of Gavin Finton. But this time the German Shooting Star hit the ace to cripple the Irish PokerStars qualifier. Ruthenburg continues.

Earlier in the day, our video blog team caught up with a couple of PokerStars online sensations, Adam Junglen and Stevie Chidwick. Junglen finished sixth here last year and qualified again, but went out late on his first day. He's hung around to rail his friend Mark Randall, who is at the feature table. Chidwick, meanwhile, is still in this one as they're down to 15 players. His stack isn't quite as commanding as it once was, but his game is still in good shape.

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Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour