EPT Barcelona: Brown flying solo

The final Team PokerStars Pro in the field in Barcelona, Chad Brown, is amid what seems to be a long-running battle with the German player Benjamin Mirsaidi. Passing his table moments ago, the two players were involved in a battle of the blinds, with Brown raising Mirsaidi's small bet on a 4h-5h-6c board.

_MG_9951_Neil Stoddart.jpg

No more than three hands later, they were at it again, but this time Mirsaidi ended up all in after some brutal raise, re-raising on a board of 4d-Qs-Js. Mirsaidi had Q-10 for top pair, but Brown had pocket fours for the flopped set, and that was good to double him up to more than 110,000.

In other news, there are two women players remaining in the field: Sheryl Lea Gershon, from the United States, and Maria Maceiras, from Spain. Gershon is on the Brown/Mirsaidi table and is one of the short stacks. Maceiras is faring slightly better, with 120,000 or so.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour