EPT Barcelona: Building towers

The bubble bursting has precipitated some dramatic chip swings, with, finally, some dominant chip leaders beginning to show their might. Our German bloggers are getting very excited about who they consider to be the new chip leader, Michael Keiner, who doubled up with aces and then ace-king to take him past 300,000. However, I had both bad and good news for those German types when I took a quick sweep of the room during the recent break. Keiner isn't chip leader, because his countryman Dren Ukella is. Ukella bust Thierry van den Berg to take his tally past 360,000.

Ukella is sitting next to Davidi Kitai, from Belgium, who is only marginally behind. Kitai has 305,000. The Italian player Daniel Mazzia is also right up there. I'd put it at 340,000. The lone remaining Team PokerStars Pro in the field, Chad Brown, is also doing the team proud. Beside his headphones, name-card and vacant chair during the break was 300,000 in chips.

Other notable stacks include those of Sebastian Ruthenberg, with 250,000 and Jason Mercier, with 290,000.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour