EPT Barcelona: Champions

We write it every time and surely one day it will no longer be true. But for the time being at least, no one has ever won two EPT events. The players who have come closer than all others are Brandon Schaefer and Mark Teltscher, both of whom have won once and finished second in another. Schaefer isn't here this time around, and Teltscher was a short stack at the end of yesterday, still alive but not looking too healthy. But that's better than some other former champions: Vicky Coren, Mike McDonald and Pascal Perrault. They are all out.

There were a couple of other previous winners who did manage to last the day, and both finished with pretty good stacks: Jason Mercier and Glen Chorny. And today, there are another handful: Gavin Griffin, Julian Thew, Tim Vance, Sandor Lylloff, Arnaud Mattern and Mats Iremark.

Gavin Griffin: Out

Unfortunately for the Team PokerStars Pro Griffin, his challenge is over. He was seen sitting beneath a white hat on the same table as the PokerStars ambassador Mats Sundin, but Sundin confirmed a moment ago that Griffin was out. We don't have the details, but Griffin rarely hangs around when day is done.

Julian Thew was seen heading to the buffet queue with rare purpose, pausing only long enough to confirm that he was still in but relatively short stacked. Iremark was twiddling with a Rubicks cube, Vance was beneath a pork pie hat Lylloff was sitting back and chewing the fat; Mattern was getting a massage. Just another day on the EPT.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour