EPT Barcelona: Dispatches from the tournament floor

Jason Mercier just had some renovation work done to his three-tiered stack. On a flop of Ad-7h-Ac Jason led out from the small blind making it 1,700 to Axel Marten Albertsson of Sweden in the big blind. He called to see the turn card 5c. This time Mercier checked and Albertsson made it 3,000 to play.

Mercier's response was to take a top tiered tower of reds from his stack, each worth 1,000, and dump it unceremoniously into the middle. Albertsson called immediately showing Ah-5s to Mercier's Qs-7c. The river helped neither player and Albertsson doubled up. Mercier down now to 52,000.

_MG_9778_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Jason Mercier

We've lost two more notables, hard pressed to combat the ill effects of a short stack. PokerStars sponsored player Johannes Strassmann is one of them, now allowed no further than the rail. A similar fate struck PokerStars qualifier of the year Danny Ryan, also out..

In other news from the front line put PokerStars sponsored player Sebastian Ruthenberg now has 160,000.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in European Poker Tour