EPT Barcelona: Klausen and Ukella battle for lead

A few minutes back from the break and it's Jonas Klausen raising. It's folded to German player Dren Ukella sitting with a big stack of red chips. He signals his intention to move all-in, the stack is bigger than it looks making this a raise of 445,000, making for a pot totalling 1,104,000. It will make the new chip leader.

_MG_0371_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Jonas Klausen

Klausen, always an amiable looking guy at the baize, smiles a lot, talks a lot and eventual decides to call, showing Ad-Ks. For Dren a pair of sevens. The board of 3s-8c-4h-3c-9d is kind to the German who saunters into the lead. It could be critical though for Klausen.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in European Poker Tour