EPT Barcelona: Level 23 updates

They're into level 23 at EPT Barcelona, where the blinds are 10,000 and 20,000, with an ante of 2,000. We'll go blow-by-blow until the final table of eight.

12.30am: Full chip counts with nine players remaining:

Seat 1 - Martin Nielsen, Denmark, 398,000
Seat 2 - Davidi Kitai, Belgium, 365,000
Seat 3 - Dren Ukella, Germany, 1,088,000
Seat 4 - Mikael Lundell, Sweden, 914,000
Seat 5 - Jason Mercier, PS Player, USA, 1,100,000
Seat 6 - Samuel Chartier, Qualifier, Canada, 911,000

Seat 7 - Daniele Mazzia, Italy, 621,000
Seat 8 - Gavin Fintan, Qualifier, Ireland, 359,000
Seat 9 - Sebastian Ruthenberg, PS Player, Germany, 483,000

12.10am: Salvatore Pengue, Italy, eliminated in 10th place, earning €49,600
Salvatore Pengue's rocket-shaped stack of chips had to go in sooner or later, weighing as it did just 260,000. Samuel Chartier was not long in calling, asking for a count first before announcing his intentions and turning over As-Jc. Pengue had hope with pocket tens but the race was on.

The flop was an inoffensive 7d-3h-Ks, but the turn sealed it for Chartier. The jack sent Pengue out in tenth place with his pockets full of €74,400. We're down to nine players who are convening around one table. A full chip count will follow.

11.45pm: Jonas Klausen, Denmark, eliminated in 11th place, earning €49,600
Shortly after running jacks into aces, leaving him with a short stack, Jonas Klausen saw an ace in early position and shoved all in. Dren Ukella had him well covered and also this time had jacks. No ace came on flop, turn or river and the Dane is out.

11.35pm: Benianmino Speroni, Italy, eliminated in 12th place, earning €49,600
Big drama on the secondary table results in the elimination of the Italian player Benianmino Speroni. He moves all in from the button and is called by Mikael Lundell in the small blind. Sebastian Ruthenberg then moves all in over the top of Lundell, an under-raise but another 170,000-odd, on top of Speroni's 240,000 original raise. Priced in, Lundell makes the call. As it turns out, both Lundell and Ruthenberg have the same hand -- an unsuited ace-king -- and Speroni'a Q-10 isn't in too bad shape. But a king flops, and an ace rivers. Speroni is out.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour