EPT Barcelona: Level 24 updates

We are playing level 24 at EPT Barcelona, although the tournament director Thomas Kremser has announced a slight change to the blind structure and we'll stay with blinds of 12,000-24,000 with a 3,000 ante. We play until eight players remain this evening.

1.40am: Double up for Davidi Kitai, which gets him high-fiving his packed rail and takes him out of the danger zone. He found pocket nines against Jason Mercier's A-K and all the money was in pre-flop. There was a king in the window, and it looked like Mercier was on the way to eliminating the Belgian. But the flop also brought a nine, giving Kitai the set and he has survived. Now Finton Gavin is the only really short stack and will have to get busy soon.

1.30am: Davidi Kitai, who also had the chip lead at some point in this tournament, is now also one of the short stacks under threat. Martin Nielsen, to his right, has adopted the policy of making up the big blind and then tempting Kitai to peel off a flop. It doesn't happen too often: Kitai has developed a tendency to move in pre-flop and take down the blinds and antes. We're still nine.

We might have expected a rush to a fnal table once we compressed the field to a final table of nine. But it's been very, very cagey in in the past two rounds with little occuring of any note. The Irishman Finton Gavin ia the short stack, with less than 250,000. The big stacks are Jason Mercier and Dren Ukella, who each have more than 1million.

12.50am: Since we went down to nine players towards the end of the last level, and compressed the field to just one table, we have seen a total of one flop. Any pre-flop raise takes it, and a re-raise is always good. During the lull in action, take a look at some of the work of the EPT video blog team, who have been out on the tournament floor for all four days so far. Another reminder: you can see a list of all the prizewinners so far by clicking HERE.

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Howard Swains
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