EPT Barcelona: One-man wrecking machine

You don't win 102 seats to the World Series main event without knowing a little bit about poker. And you also don't do it without indulging in the odd spell of multi-tabling. The problem for some of the very best online professionals when they enter the live environment, however, is that the proceedings are all a little bit too sedate. One table and a real dealer can be a touch on the slow side, where the only answer is to enter a lot of pots.

And the PokerStars qualifier extraordinaire Stevie Chidwick enters a lot of pots. He just entered two on the bounce and won them both, knocking out Eric Mizrachi and earning about 14,000 and then taking a chunk of about 10,000 from Marius Oi on the second. Both times, Chidwick was the aggressor pre-flop, both times he squeezed the maximum value out of the hand and yes, both times he had the inferior holding but played them perfectly. His Q-8 outdrew Mizrachi's A-J, as did his 7-8h against Oi's pocket threes.

He's something of a one-man wrecking machine at the moment, and this one could go a long, long way.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour