EPT Barcelona: Out, out, out, out and out

Another 10 minutes pass, another five players depart. The departed four are Jose Vazquez Ortega, Allesandro Longbordi, Cornelius Alblas, Malte Strothmann and Ramzi Jelassi, representing, in order, Spain, Italy, Holland, Germany and Sweden, the diversity of the EPT shown right there.

_MG_0138_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Ramzi Jelassi - 20th place finisher

Strothmann was a PokerStars qualifier, taking €19,800 for his first EPT cash, the same as the much better known Jelassi, who also earned his biggest payout to date. That was much to the surprise of many in the press room, who have followed Jelassi for a couple of years on the EPT. But he's never gone deeper than 20th, and this time couldn't get further in after his pocket queens were stuffed by ace-ten: ten on the flop, with a flush draw, but the ace spiking on the end.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour