EPT Barcelona: Pagano pounces, not out yet

With his half of the playing field returned from the dinner break Luca Pagano was no doubt aware that time was running out for a climb out of the cellar and back into fighting shape. Equipped with a little more than 3,000 it was only a matter of time.

He made his move from the small blind behind a raise from the cut-off player. Nothing more than a casual flick of the wrist to send his chips in, an insta-call and showdown.

Luca was marginally ahead, K-Q to his opponent's K-J.

Team PokerStars Pro Luca Pagano

T-4-Q on the flop. "Stop!" joked Luca but he needn't have worried with the king on the turn doubling him up. Only to 7,000 though. Still work to do.

Elsewhere another Team PokerStars Pro has been banished ot the rail. William Thorson fell victim to a one-outer when holding A-Q a Q-Q-4 flop eventually proved not good enough. When the turn came an ace it was all over for Thorson who's opponent held pocket aces. the money went in on the turn to cut short the Swede's day.

Team PokerStars Pro William Thorson
Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in European Poker Tour