EPT Barcelona: Rogue hand for Rahme

Raymond Rahme saw off the end of season four with two cashes in succession in San Remo and Monte Carlo making his trip from South Africa a profitable one. He just made an early first step toward making the start of season five as equally profitable. It didn't take a monster hand.

On a flop of 8s-5s-Jc Raymond checked from the big blind as his opponent in middle position made it 425. Called by the South African. Raymond was quick to check the four on the turn as well as again he faced another bet, 1,100 now which he wasted no time in calling.

Team PokerStars Pro Raymond Rahme

The river was an innocent looking 3d but by now the adrenaline had left the hand. Both players checked with the raiser turning over A-K. Raymond though revealed he'd been on a flush draw but also had caught a lucky river, turning over Qs-3s.

Good for a laugh as far as Raymond was concerned. He inches ahead to 11,000.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in European Poker Tour