EPT Barcelona: Shooting Star shoots another down

Sebastian Ruthenberg's lucky stars have heard a lot of thanking today, and they were just the recipient again of a heartfelt danke schoen from the German PokerStars player when he eliminated the serial EPT casher Jonas Molander.

_MG_0085_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Jonas Molander, out

_MG_0071_Neil Stoddart.jpg
Sebastian Ruthenberg

The money was all in pre-flop and Ruthenberg had red eights, Molander black nines. An eight turned to give Ruthenberg the victory, outdrawing Molander, and sending the Swede to the rail. Ruthenberg was a short-ish stack just after dinner, with a few more than 160,000. But he's doubled up twice now and is a force again.

Howard Swains
@howardswains in European Poker Tour